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Historical Links

The website of Sophie Von Hohenberg

The website of HSH Sophie Hohenberg

The Artstetten castle website

The Artstetten Castle website

The website for Konopiste Castle

The website of Konopiste Castle

The Velke Brezno website

The Velke Brezno Castle website

Background Articles

Edinburgh Literary Festival talk summary

An article on Sue’s talk at the 2014 Edinburgh Literary Festival

Bexley Times article

Sue’s interview with Kent newspaper, The Bexley Times

Sue Woolmans

Sue’s interview with Rodrigo Trespach website (in Portuguese)

Sue Woolmans

Sue’s interview with Kent newspaper, The News Shopper


A full recording of the in-store event held for the launch of the Slovenian edition, in October 2017.

The conversation, which is translated, features an extensive Q & A with Princess Sophie Von Hohenberg and Sue, providing insights into the background to the book.

Duration: 1 hour, 17 minutes.


Sue participated in the Summer Reading education programme for the Washington Carnegie Library in 2016, in Indiana. 2016 was the bicentennial of both the State of Indiana and the City of Washington, and the city put together a time capsule to mark the occasion. The library chose “The Assassination of the Archduke” to be included in the capsule, which will be opened in 50 years (2066), and is to be housed in the Daviess County Museum.

Washington Carnegie Public Library logo

Other Resources

Majesty Magazine website screenshot

Majesty Magazine

Van Hoogstraten booksellers website screenshot

Van Hoogstraten online books

Netty Royal website screenshot

Netty Royal website

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Royalty online forum